Nodal Goes API First With 0.8 Release

Nodal 0.8: Nodal Goes API First

The Nodal 0.8 release is a little smaller than the last two. Over the past few weeks we've knocked out a few bugs, but the focus of Nodal 0.8 is really on becoming API first.

We've offloaded all of the initialization and templating logic to another open source project called dotcom that we'll be maintaining as a simple, lightweight HTTP server for providing static assets and server-side HTML rendering.

Why API First?

Basically, it's because it's what we're good at. We want to enable developers to really begin thinking about distributed, stateless web services. By providing a bunch of tools that allowed developers to create monolithic web apps within Nodal's ecosystem, we were providing a footgun that we thought we'd eliminate sooner rather than later.

Nodal is really for when you want to create a new application and you plan to have a mobile app, IoT integration, or maybe just want developer-friendly endpoints. We interface with your database effortlessly. We're there for you. And it's what we'll keep getting better at.

Keep up to date at as well as Nodal on GitHub.