Nodal 0.9: Deploy Nodal Projects to the Cloud with Polybit

Nodal 0.9: Deploy Your Nodal Projects to the Cloud with Polybit

Hey everyone! I'm pleased today to announce the official release of Nodal 0.9.

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a slowdown of the Nodal release train - there's been a good reason. I'm really excited to share what we've been working on, and I'd like this to serve as the first introduction to Polybit, an API deployment solution for Nodal projects.

Polybit: Deploy Your Nodal API Projects From the Command Line

The goal of Polybit is pretty straightforward - setting up infrastructure can be a pain in the behind, and a lot of developers would rather spend their time building products and writing code instead of figuring out how they're going to get your project live. So we've made it simple - one command, nodal poly:deploy, no hassle.

Begin with nodal poly:register and go from there!

I'll release more information about Polybit in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy deploying two projects and two PostgreSQL databases to the cloud, for free.

The commands for deploying to Polybit are pretty straightforward. We don't use git deployments, we'll deploy your project folder (for the most part) as is, meaning you can test a staging environment without committing. I would like to make clear the current system is Early Access, so please report bugs by e-mailing info (at) polybit (dot) com. You can join the Nodal gitter channel to ask questions or report issues at

All projects you create will be available on https://[project]

The following command can be accessed from the Nodal CLI, i.e. by running nodal [command]. You can check this list any time (while running Nodal 0.9+) by typing nodal help poly.

poly:create [project]
    Creates a new, empty project

poly:db:assign [database] [project]
    Assigns a database to a project

poly:db:create [name]
    Creates a new database

poly:db:drop [db]
    Destroys a database

    Retrieves a list of all available Polybit databases for current user

poly:deploy [project]
    Deploys current directory as a Nodal project

poly:env [project]
    -r                   [key] Removes an environment variable
    -s                   [key] [value] Sets an environment variable
    --remove             [key] Removes an environment variable
    --set                [key] [value] Sets an environment variable

    Retrieves, sets or removes environment variables for a project

    Retrieves a list of all available Polybit projects for current user

    Logs in to Polybit API server

    Logs out of Polybit API server

    Registers a new Polybit User Account (Required for Deployment)

poly:remove [project]
    Removes a project

poly:run [project] [command]
    Runs a Nodal command on your deployed project

Other Additions

We've added a few more things to this release and developed two new open source libraries while working on Polybit, CMND: A library for easily developing Command Line Interfaces in Node.js and api-res: A wrapper around HTTP requests for easily dealing with Nodal API server requests and responses.

Thanks, and Stay Tuned!

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Also keep up to date at as well as Nodal on GitHub.